How to Open a Demat Account for Free with Zero Brokerage

How to Open a Demat Account for Free with Zero Brokerage

A Demat Account is the fastest way to start trading in the Indian Stock Market. It permits you to hold investments in a digital manner in something called a ‘Demat account’. By opening such an account, you can invest, hold shares, monitor stock and trade in a cost-effective manner.

Before 1996, shares were traded through a certificate system. This was a manual, time-consuming procedure with a lot of paperwork involved. It was a rather hectic process. When they finally introduced digital share trading, it came to be known as the dematerialization (Demat) of shares.

Why use a Demat account?

Demat accounts are easy to register, have lower risks involved, easily able to control the amount of money that you put into trading and is cheap.

Zero Brokerage Demat Account

While there are several companies out there today offering free Demat accounts, the problems that we have seen over the years include hidden fees, terrible dashboard, slow servers and worst of all - poor customer care.

Here is our recommendation for a Demat account with Zero Brokerage Fees, Beautiful Dashboard and Excellent Customer Care.

Zerodha Demat account with Zero Brokerage Fees

Visit Zerodha to Sign up for a Free Demat Account.

Let us be clear, we have no affiliation with Zerodha nor do we gain any commission from them for this recommendation. We use this platform ourselves and have had good reviews about them from our clients. If you are new to stock trading, we strongly recommend that you start with our Beginner’s Guide:

Beginner’s Guide to Indian Stock Market Trading

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