3 Expert Tips Before Trading in the Indian Stock Exchange

3 Expert Tips Before Trading in the Indian Stock Exchange

First Step: Read, Learn and Observe.

You can start with basic terminology, learn about it online from thousands of online resources. Once you can look at a graph mentioning top gainers on NSEINDIA and can grasp what it is about. Now it is time for step two. Most people get excited about the lucrative opportunities and jump into stock trading without even having a good grasp of the basics. They end up making silly mistakes that they regret for the rest of their lives. Just like any other industry, stock trading is a subject and field of its own, not to say that it is a complex one - do not underestimate that.

Second Step: Learn Strategy

Strategies I believe are learned through either mentor-ship/experience or through reading the experiences of successful investors through their books. This is honestly the only proven way to get a solid ground in stock market trading. Some might argue that it takes a bit of work and a bit of luck, and maybe for them it might have worked well. But there is a great difference between taking a wicket by luck and training to take a wicket at will - the difference being persistent successful results. Most of these require good contacts or lot’s of investment in learning resources. Here at India Shares & Investment - we offer them for free.

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Third Step: Experiment

Before you go big and start touching your spare cash to invest, play a bit. Start a free Demat account, put a few hundred rupees and observe. Have patience and increment your investments where you see fit. The Stock Exchange is not a Casino. Never forget that. Do not gamble away your cash.

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